The HC porcelain products are popular porcelain products with reasonable prices, always safe for health, so many Vietnamese families trust and use them. Is the first choice for family kitchen cabinets as well as used in restaurants, hotels, luxury kitchens. The HC Porcelain product set has high-quality enamel material that limits odors, food grease, and is easy to wash and clean. Household porcelain HC of Hao Canh porcelain company: smooth white, high transparency, ultra-light, durable, heat-resistant, lead-free, free of heavy metals, safe to use. HC porcelain mainly has ivory white enamel or is designed with elegant and delicate textures, suitable for all families. Products of round, oval porcelain plates, rice bowls, bowls, spice jars… of HC Hao Canh porcelain are suitable for family, restaurant, hotel, filial piety and luxury. while still warmly preserving traditional values.


The HC products of  Hao Canh Porcelain Company: do not contain lead and other heavy metals because the professional firing process at extremely high temperature has removed these impurities. The design of luxurious HC Hao Canh porcelain products with beautiful bright materials is currently a top choice at high-end hotels and restaurants. In the lower segment such as household appliances, restaurants, HC Hao Canh porcelain is also affirming the brand and quality of exquisite design, elegant patterns, which are considered by domestic customers as the top shopping choice. HC Hao Canh Household Porcelain is invested with British bone porcelain technology, a modern production line completely imported from Germany, has high competitiveness for ceramic products in the world, the main advantage in price. As well as in quality, it promises to stir up the ceramic market in Vietnam, creating an absolute advantage when compared to ceramic products originating from China that are not safe to use.

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