The Minh Chau luxury bone porcelain is made of high-quality porcelain, antibacterial enamel technology to limit odor, anti-stick food, easy to clean and hygienic, one of the brand of Hao Canh the biggest ceramic and porcelain manufacture in Thai Binh province, Vietnam
The luxury Minh Chau bone porcelain with elegant and delicate textures, suitable for all families, Minh Chau porcelain bowls and bowls are suitable for family dinners, restaurants, hotels, filial piety trays to create a luxury warmly preserving traditional values.

The outstanding feature of Minh Chau bone porcelain line is super light, super durable with clear glaze, bright and easy to clean. Every year, Minh Chau launches new models, in line with the aesthetic of the times, so they are enthusiastically received by customers. Minh Chau bone porcelain is applied with British bone porcelain technology and the line is completely imported from Germany, so Minh Chau bone porcelain products always pass the most rigorous standards to satisfy the requirements of the fastidious market. such as Europe, Japan, Korea, Dubai..

The main raw materials used to produce bone porcelain are kaolin, feldspar, quartz and animal bone ash (mainly buffalo and cow bones). Burning temperature: 1,280°C. The outstanding features of Minh Chau bone porcelain are smooth white, high transparency, super light, durable, heat resistant, lead free, heavy metal free, safe to use, easy to clean, Good for use in microwave and dishwasher.

Minh Chau bone porcelain Collection
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