Why Minh chau luxury tableware?

The Minh Chau luxury porcelain tableware is a brand of Hao Canh ceramic and porcelain manufacture in Vietnam, a line of luxury porcelain products, safe for health, so many Vietnamese families trust and use it. Is the first choice for family kitchen cabinets as well as used in restaurants, hotels, luxury kitchens. The Minh Chau luxury porcelain tableware is made of high-quality enamel material, which prevents odors, food grease, and is easy to clean and sanitize. Minh Chau high-class household porcelain: smooth white, high transparency, ultra-light, durable, heat-resistant, lead-free, non heavy-metal free, safe for health.

Minh Chau luxury porcelain tableware has elegant and delicate textures, suitable for all families. Products of round and oval porcelain plates, rice bowls, and Minh Chau porcelain bowls are suitable for family, restaurant, hotel, filial piety trays, creating luxury but still warmly preserving traditional values.

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Minh Chau Luxury Tablewares
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